Porcessed Animal Proteins (PAPs) are a set of three key nutrients: proteins, fats and minerals.

PAPs have a higher content of protein than other feed ingredients, such as rape, soy and lupine.

Its high nutritional value and low carbon footprint mean that PAPs is an excellent alternative to imported proteins such as soy.


RenFeed’s PAPs are a completely safe and high-value ingredient for feed, produced exclusively with C3 animal by-products, free of ruminants, classified as suitable for human consumption at the time of slaughter. The production and use of PAPs in Spain is regulated by European laws, which are more restrictive than US laws, further expanded by Spanish laws, which are even more restrictive than EU law for protecting human and animal health.



All the raw materials used to produce PAPs are classed as suitable for human consumption at the time of slaughter and the final product is fully traceable to the source of the raw materials, guaranteeing its quality.

RenFeed’s feed offers superior quality, excellent taste, great nutritional value, traceability and sustainability.

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