We are a family company with an international calling. We have been producing high-quality fats and proteins since 1945. With over 70 years of experience in the sector, our focus on innovation and quality has allowed us to become leaders in the production of high-end transformed animal proteins in Spain.

RenFeed is the result of our commitment to quality. It’s one more step in our quest to find products that provided added value to our clients.


Our unique technology helps us to stand out from the rest in the European Union, with well cared-for, palatable and very easy-to-digest protein.

We are contributing our experience and innovation to the production of top-quality proteins and fats for the international pet, fish and farm animal feed markets. These markets are evolving continually, and they demand innovative and reliable solutions that meet their high quality standards.

Since 2007, we have been working closely with the University of Córdoba to improve the quality of our products through the use of NIRS technology. Currently we have our own equations and a continuous NIRS system installed at our plant.


Our company was formed near the old slaughterhouses of Seville, and is currently managed by the third generation of the Cabotá family.

Renfeed currently employs 74 people, and has indirectly generated 200 jobs.


Foundation of the company



from the factory in the centre of Seville to its current facilities in Salteras.


Creation of the Petfood range.

The Company goes international

Selling its products in different parts of Europe.

Collaboration program with the University of Córdoba

Start of a collaboration program with the University of Córdoba for its Quality and R&D areas.

implementation of NIRS

implementation of NIRS technology for quality control.

Inauguration of the 2º production plant

Inauguration of the second production plant, for treating C1-type materials.

Energy Certification

The Company obtains Energy Certification accrediting its use of energy from 100% renewable sources.

Ruminant-Free Plant Certification

The Company obtains Ruminant-Free Plant Certification, according to (EC) Regulation no. 56/2013, allowing us to sell our products in the aquaculture sector.

ISCC Quality Certification

The Company obtains ISCC Quality Certification, which is essential for selling our products in the bio-energy sector.

Opening new international markets

Opening new international markets such as the Middle East, South America and South-East Asia.

GMP+ Quality Certification

Towards the end of the year, the Company obtained GMP+ Quality Certification.

Our Values

SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENTState here that the activity is sustainable and necessary

Rendering is recycling carbon, stopping it from reaching the atmosphere in the form of CO2. It therefore involves recycling bioenergy, protein, phosphorus and other biological resources.

Rendering is undoubtedly the most environmentally-friendly way of recycling animal products. It is a much more efficient way of recycling energy than anaerobic digestion. If animal by-products were left out to decompose or burned, the carbon in them would be emitted into the atmosphere as CO2, in addition to methane and nitrous oxide.

By recycling meat products we avoid carbon- and nitrogen-right products polluting the water and atmosphere. Instead the carbon and nitrogen are transformed into useful products, and we close the circle.

Rendering’s carbon footprint is zero, since the energy used to process the by-products is used to generate heat and electricity.

If we compare the carbon footprint of vegetable protein with our animal protein, the animal protein footprint is at least 30% lower that the best vegetable protein (in terms of kilos of protein).

If we compare the carbon footprint of vegetable fats with our animal fats, the animal fat footprint is always lower that the best vegetable fat. While soy fat emits over 2,000 kg CO2eq per ton, palm fat and rapeseed fat over 3,000 kg CO2eq per ton, animal fat emits less than 1,000 kg CO2eq per ton, and in some cases less than 5000 kg CO2eq per ton.

In addition, the large areas of land needed to produce vegetable meal and fat are causing large-scale deforestation in different parts of the world, which are greatly impacting our society.

Since 2013, RenFeed has Enérgya VM certification, guaranteeing that the electricity used is 100% from renewable sources.

In addition, this allows the company to guarantee that, today, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are 50% lower than most other industries in the sector in Europe. Our intentional use of cutting-edge technology to reduce emissions has allowed the company to guarantee levels that are well below average, without sacrificing optimum levels of production, which in turn has allowed the company to grow and evolve constantly.



ISCC is an international certification with an advanced program and the first recognised system for biomass and bioenergy certification.

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